DESKTOP FACTORY to produce Values for
Affulence and Creativeness



Joint research work on Desktop Factory 「DTF」
are performed in order to promote the SUWA area
as a acility to offer DTF concept and a center for
aggregation of DTF machines and modules, which
forms the basis of overall industrial activation.


New manufacturing methods are developed,
based on expertise of member companies
and organizations.

The SUWA area is established as the
global center for DTF information and
aggregation of DTF technologies.

An effective hub is made for ideas and
develop-ment of new manufacturing
systems based on the DTF concept.


1.Flexible and efficient production of small items with small systems.
2.Small lot production of various kinds of items .
3.Speedy production, short delivery time and low production cost.
4.Production at an optimal allows smoother work and closer relation
to users, promoting creative approaches and values.
5.Earth Friendly and ecology-conscious “MONODUKURI”.


International exchange programs

Examples of corporate achievements

Examples of corporate achievements